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As a young investor, we may be frustrated by the fact that we leave formal education (high school, college or university) without the knowledge and skills needed to efficiently manage your money. Our learning institutions have taught us Math, Physics, Biology, English, etc.; but we seldom got the opportunity to learn about Personal Finance, Wealth creation and Investment. Even at the college or university level, very few students are encouraged to learn about these subjects. The result is that most people end up not knowing how to efficiently and effectively manage and invest their money when they start earning an income.

Many try to educate themselves by buying and reading investment-related books or attend financial literacy trainings. While some investment books are quite good, the majority are written in a language that is much too technical and complicated for the average person to understand. What makes matters worse is the fact that there is an abundance of get-rich-quick books and schemes out there that provide readers with false hopes and little background upon which they can build their investment knowledge.

The main purpose of this website is to provide you with an easy means by which you can educate yourself on being a young entrepreneur and how investing happens in our Stock Exchange. You will get to learn how to invest in a practical and simulated way by participating in the following challenges. The Investment Challenge

This is our annual online competition meant for University Students, College Students and Investment groups. It is a simulation of the activities that happen around trading in securities listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange, Investing in Fixed deposits as well as Investing in Government bonds. Participants get to compete in teams. Each team gets an online account with a virtual capital amount to trade with using real time NSE prices for a defined period of time, teams are judged by selected stock brokers and investment advisors and they get to win exciting prices which range from cash to buy shares and internships! For more information, read more here.

The Young Investors Challenge

This is a product specifically designed for high schools which seeks to educationally build the character of youth on leadership, apprenticeship, innovation and investing at a young age. Find out more here.

To supplement your learning, our Research Library provides you with definitions of basic terms that explain in a simplified manner the meaning of the most commonly used financial terms. We have spent a significant amount of time carefully researching on the information and tools needed to make you a knowledgeable and skillful investor.

Today's investor is one that spends a lot of time researching in the trends in the Capital markets. You cannot afford to be ignorant of the social, economic & political trends in the world as this in turn will determine how your investment portfolio will behave. Research information can be found on the Internet, in newspapers, magazines television, radio, journals and periodicals etc. The Internet is a tremendous learning tool. It is also the place where you will discover which particular investment products and services are available to you.

Today's investment market is a global one. That means that, even though you may be located in Kenya, you have access to investment opportunities located in many other countries. There has never been a better time in history to be an investor.

I hope you enjoy our products. Should you have any comments, recommendations, corrections, or complaints, please feel free to contact our eSupport helpdesk. Alternatively, please visit our forum / blog and share your comments.

Thank you.

Catherine Muturi


There is nothing more POWERFUL, than an IDEA whose TIME has COME.

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